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   Information for visiting aircraft

Hemploe Farm Strip

(Version 1.2 December 2021)

Strictly PPR

Prior Permission Required

Please phone us for further information on Tel: 07729 322804/07830 185619

   General Information

   N 52 24.05 W 001 03.05 Hemploe Farm Strip

   Grass airfield 11/29 approx 903m long x 20m wide. Elevation 560ft amsl.

   The strip slopes 541ft (West end) upto 568ft (East end) Total of 27ft difference W-E.

   Hemploe Strip is Unlicensed - Pilots use the strip at their own risk.

   Current state of the strip will be available by phone call with the office.

   All circuits to the South of the runway to avoid Welford village and the Gliding Centre.

   RWY 29 Left Hand Circuits

   RWY 11 Right Hand Circuits.

   On arrival report to the office and complete the aircraft movement log.


   30-45ft high Trees along Hemploe Drive.

   Horses and pedestrians on the bridleway/footpath along Hemploe Drive.

   Horses and livestock in fields around Hemploe Farm Strip.

   Intense gliding activity and glider launching at Husbands Bosworth airfield.

   The Sulby strip is also active including a Police Helicopter “Police 22”

   Radio ‘Hus Bos Traffic’ 127.580 MHz


   No overhead joins. Suggest pilots call the Gliding Centre ‘Hus Bos Traffic’ 127.580 MHz

   Noise abatement

   On departure, recommend to maintain runway heading until passing 500ft.

   Ground movement areas.

   There is no barrier around runway, taxiway or apron areas so exercise extreme caution

   for all powered ground movements.

   Avoid overflying all buildings in the circuit.

   Avoid overflying all villages below 2000ft agl.

   (This is the same good neighbour noise policy as The Gliding Centre)