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EES Aviation Services is one of the few maintenance companies offering EASA approved services for Group A aircraft plus BGA-EASA transitions for gliders and powered gliders. For the owner-builder, we provide LAA build stage supervision, maintenance and permit renewal services.

We can meet any need from scheduled inspections to full overhauls and complete cosmetic refurbishments of composite, wood & fabric and metal structures.

EES Aviation Services operates from a central UK location on Husbands Bosworth Airfield, offering easy access for customers by road and air.

We offer the following services, and continue to expand the range of work provided:

 EASA compliant maintenance

 Gel coat work  

 EASA CofA transitions

 GRP and carbon fibre repairs   

 Paintwork and polishing   

 Insurance repair work    

 Cosmetic refurbishments and re-sprays

 Annual Review Certification

 Servicing of Rotax, Lycoming and Continental engines  

 Wood and fabric repair   

 Light Aircraft Group A and Glider maintenance   

 Microlight maintenance  

 Aircraft weighing and mass balance calculations

 Perspex screen and canopy repairs

 Radio annual inspections

 Instrument panel refits   

 LAA inspection repair and permit renewal


If you have any special queries with regard to the care of your glider or aircraft, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email: info@eesavationservices.com



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